Crime happens all over the world, accidents can happen anytime, anyplace. You are on holiday, don’t let bad experiences spoil it! Here’s a few simple tips that we’ve compiled from Bread & Jam Hostel and  guests’ experiences, to improve your safety and make your travelling experiences more enjoyable.


  • We trust our staff for being honest but we cannot guarantee your fellow roommates if you stay in shared dorm.
  • Always keep your belongings safe and secured. We have provided a locker that you can secure with your own padlock.
  • Put your mobile phone, wallet and laptop in the inner side of the bed while you are sleeping, if not secured in the locker.


  • Never exchange money on the street! Go to a proper money changer (not just a kiosk hidden inside a store or alley) to avoid scam. Focus on the money when they count, don’t get distracted while they talk to you in a conversation.
  • Go to ATM’s in the bank or inside busy malls or minimarts with security nearby. International ATM card scams are everywhere!!
  • Don’t put all your cash and cards in one place. Always divided them into several places, not only your wallet.


  • Keep dehydrated all the time but NEVER drink the tap water!
  • Local food is a must to try, but go easy on it. Most Indonesian food are hot and spicy, always ask for no chili, especially if it’s your first days in the country.
    Local food near by the hostel


  • On the intersection or crosswalk, always assume that the vehicles (cars and motorbikes) always have the right of way. They will not stop as you cross the road.
  • Carry your wallet in the FRONT pocket. Carry a cross-body bag, and strap it across your chest with the bag away from the street and NOT your BACK, to prevent your bag from being snatched. There are biker thieves that will come up alongside you on the street and snatch bags and mobile phone.


  • The most reliable taxi is Bali Taxi by Blue Bird. Use their app for order. Be careful when you stop the taxi on the street, there are other taxi companies mimicking their logo and color.
  • Regardless whatever taxi you get, before enter the car, make sure the meter is on.
  • Online taxis are restricted in many areas in Bali and only allowed to do drop off. Before getting into the taxi confirm the price with the driver is the same as in the app. Many times if you go far or to restricted areas, they will ask for additional fare as they cannot get any passenger back (eg, Ubud, Uluwatu, north, west & east Bali) or ask you to turn off the app as they can get into trouble if the locals find out they are online taxi.
  • Always look back when leaving the car, make sure you don’t leave anything including your wallet and mobile phone!!


Safety riding, always wear your helmet!!
  • Have a proper international motorbike license, if anything happened to you while riding it your insurance will not cover any of it if you don’t have a proper license. You will also be subject of bribery if you got stopped randomly by the local police if you do not have an international licen
  • Always wear helmet!
  • Wear clothes. Don’t ride motorbike topless or only in your bikinis. It’s not only improper and disrespectful, but also against the law.
  • Always, always ride on the left side of the road!



  • FOLLOW THE LIFEGUARDS INSTRUCTIONS & FLAGS. Kuta beaches (and most of the southwest beaches) are known to be dangerous with strong rip tides and undertows. Swim between the red-yellow flag and avoid the red or black flags. The strong currents can sweep you out to the sea.
Kuta Beach Life Guards are always standby, but for your own safety, swim between the red and yellow flags
  • Wear sunblock, lots of it! use at least 40-SPF and apply many times while you are under the sun, or you’ll ended up with burnt skin not tan!


  • Always pack a sarong with you. You would need to wear a sarong and a sash. You can hire them if you forgot to pack one, or buy them relatively cheaply. This is for both men and women! For women bring a shirt if you are wearing tank tops.
  • Women, don’t go inside any temples and sacred places when you are having your period. Bad omen will follow you if you do!
  • Beware of monkeys (Uluwatu, Monkey forest). Don’t wear shiny, hanging items on your body. Put your glasses or sunglasses secure in the bag. Don’t feed the monkeys as you will provoke them to steal from your bags.
  • Temples are sacred religious place, do not enter or climb on the shrines.
Temples are sacred and religious place for Balinese


  • Don’t bring your valuables with you (don’t bring your new iPhone for sure unless you get it chained with your body)
  • Bring enough cash and leave your credit card in the hostel
  • Go in groups is much better so you can watch other there and on the way back.
  • Avoid being totally drunk. You would be an easy target for pick pockets and other criminals
  • Take a taxi after clubbing, don’t walk back while you are still intoxicated. Make sure you got a meter taxi or have a pre-dealed price.